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Annnnnnnnnd i did some more designs!!!

Dream Eater / Nightmare symbols!!!


So it looks like this:


and i quickly did some colored designs:






Feel free to use!!!

Here are the links to my other kh symbol designs:

Hearts /  Heart & Crown / Hearts (Valentine design) / Hearts (Christmas design)

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hey everyone! this is my new theme chromosphere, which i made as a birthday present to myself this past november. i hope you like it! because i do. :)

it features:

  • pixel dot drop shadows
  • two-tone gradient background
  • light-on-dark and dark-on-light color schemes
  • macintosh os 1.0 inspired aesthetic
  • infinite scroll option
  • two navigation menu options
  • inline like and reblog button option
  • option to stop gifs on page load
  • option to disable hover transitions (saves on cpu usage)
  • add images to above and/or inside sidebar (useful for sprites)
  • option to stretch images to fit post width (500px)
  • readable, easy to customize code

you can install it from the theme garden, here! have fun and let me know if you run into any issues.

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tiny transparent pixel-madotsuki


tiny transparent pixel-madotsuki

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ayumi will meme you hard


ayumi will meme you hard

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Since the Grammys there’s been a sudden spike of activity within the Daft Punk fandom and a whole bunch of new fans interested in the work of this phenomenal duo! Which is really really cool!!!! But being a new fan can be kinda confusing, especially if you’re a new fan of a couple of artists who have not only been around for about 20 years, but are constantly switching things up as they go. So, that in mind, I decided to put together a big masterpost of all the stuff you should check out as a new Daft Punk fan! Enjoy~!

So Why The Robot Helmets?

          △ Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel  de Homem-Christo were human through the release of their first album, up until 1999. As the story goes, in Thomas’s words:  We did not choose to become robots. There was an accident in our studio. We were working on our sampler, and at exactly 9:09 am on September 9, 1999, it exploded. When we regained consciousness, we discovered that we had become robots.” And that’s been the shtick ever since.


          Homework - Daft Punk’s first album, arguably the most influential
Alive 1997 - A live (ahaha) album, consisting of remixes from Homework
Discovery - The second studio album and DP’s first album as robots, it’s really pop and fun~
Daft Club - A remix album (I highly recommend giving “Aerodynamite” a listen)
Human After All - The third studio album, it’s a little more “rock” than the others, but some of my personal favorites come from this album
Human After All: Remixes - Pretty self explanatory, a remix album. 
Musique. Vol 1 - A compilation album.
          Alive 2007 - Another live album, it’s really great trust me
Tron: Legacy OST - Daft Punk scored the soundtrack for Tron:Legacy (and did a fantastic job)
Tron: Legacy Reconfigured - Another remix album
Random Access Memories - The album you’ve probably been hearing about for days! Daft Punk’s fourth and most recent studio album.


          △ D.A.F.T. A Story About Dogs, Androids, Firemen, and Tomatoes - Less a film with a plot and more a series of music videos from the album Homework broken up by some really neat behind the scenes clips (in other words, don’t worry if none of it fits together like an average movie- it isn’t supposed to).
          Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem - An approx. hour long anime film set to the album Discovery, and collaboration with Leiji Matsumoto
          Electroma - A dialogueless film that started out as a music video for the track Human After All and evolved into a full length film (fun fact: Thomas and Guy-Man don’t play their robot alter egos in this film, they chose instead to focus on their work behind the camera and hire actors).

Music Videos:

          Da Funk - This video is in D.A.F.T., but here it is by itself.
          △ Around the World - This video is in D.A.F.T., but here it is by itself.
Burnin - This video is in D.A.F.T., but here it is by itself.
Revolution 909 - This video is in D.A.F.T., but here it is by itself.
Fresh - This video is in D.A.F.T., but here it is by itself.
Prime Time of Your Life - Eating Disorder/Suicide/Gore content warning!!! A great video, but I wouldn’t want you to go into something so heavy without being aware of it first.
          △ Robot Rock - Those super flashy shines certainly go back before RAM c;
          △ Technologic - A really fascinating video (if a bit unnerving)
          △ Derezzed - Very, very Tron
          △ Instant Crush - A gr8 video for a gr8 song
          △ Lose Yourself to Dance - There’s those shines and sparkles again c;


          △ Part One and Part Two of my personal favorite Discovery era interviews
          △ Swedish interview, though all the important parts are in English
          △ More an interview with Leiji Matsumoto than Daft Punk, but they are in it and it talks extensively about Interstella
          △ Discovery radio interview
          △ Another Discovery centric radio interview
          △ Interview with Peter Tong
          △ NPR Music interview
          △ TripleJ radio interview
          △ Zane Lowe interview
          △ BPM radio Interview
          △ Xfm radio interview
          △ Lauren Laverne interview
   (Of course this isn’t all of their interviews, but it’s a good place to start!)

Other Stuff:

          △ Vogue Diaries - A cute clip of Thomas and Guy-Man along with Karlie Kloss
          △ Music Sounds Better With You - The one song from Thomas Bangalter’s side project, Stardust
          △ A Collaborative History With Daft Punk - A pretty rad article on, you guessed it, Daft Punk’s collaborations.
          △ Daft Punk: behind the Helmets - a clip on the design process and influences for those iconic helmets (really really cool!!)
The Daft Club - A really rad fan site, great for news updates, info, etc.
          △ 2008 Grammys
          △ 2014 Grammys- just in case you missed it c;
          △ Gap Commercial - exactly what it sounds like
          △ Toonami ads

(I’m sure there’s something I forgot, so feel free to add things as you see fit uwu)

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wired redux edit


i made this theme like a week ago and only got to editing it more and making previews today„, ,

here are the features!!

  • 500px posts only
  • you can edit the background, text, sidebar text, links, and tag colors
  • 2 extra links
  • you can have a background, favicon, and header image
  • you can show/remove tags, audio art, and the avatar on your sidebar
  • you can edit the index and message titles on the sidebar
  • you can have a music player (this is very important though!! you can only use billy for the music and you have to remove <embed src= for it to work!!)
  • option for maximized background

enjoy!!! uvu

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aaa h i fixed it up and animated it!! there we go. feel free to use it if you want to??

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♡ hatoful boyfriend pixel masterlist 

( bbl & holistar spoilers )

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so like

months ago i made lil 2 frame cartoony hatoful pixels

and i saved shuu for last because hes my favorite and he had to be PERFECT but then i never got around to actually doing him

so heres pixels of all the hatoful dudes except shuu!

use them as you will just dont claim them as yours thatd be dumb and also rude

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